Enter a single Modern Standard Arabic expression in any inflected form by clicking on the Arabic-Roman keyboard in the leftmost frame. The letters are arranged by the AraFlex romanization values for the convenience of non-Arabic speakers. To make corrections, use the BS (backspace) key on the Arabic-Roman keyboard or the <clear> button in the top frame.

As you click, the native Arabic script will appear in the input field. You cannot type directly into the input field. Optionally, Short vowels and diacritics can be used to restrict or filter the output to certain forms. If the Fuzzy Spelling checkbox is checked, then letters easily confused by foreign speakers such as the plain and emphatic consonants are folded in the matching process.

Press the upper frame <submit> button to start analysis of all possible morphological solutions of the word you enter. The solutions appear in this bottom frame, including the expression you queried, the lemma or stripped-down base form, root, morphological breakdown, and gloss.

For practice, enter the word وبكتبهم   wbktbhm  "and with their books.", which is composed by clicking on the keys labeled with the romanized values w b k t b h m (waw beh kaf teh beh heh meem) on the virtual keyboard in the leftmost window frame. More restricted results would be output if you added all the voweling and diacritics, which appear in red on the virtual keyboard (wabikutubhum).

Note:  Maximize browser to see entire keyboard at once.